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Daphne’s weird request

Daphne’s weird request

Some turtles can breathe through their butts

but i know the air that comes from your mouth before it leaves Earth.

It smelled like late night what-a-burger runs,

Houston humid trips,

and dank 3-hour naps you weren’t supposed to take.

You arn’t much of a sleeper,

Your eyes are too busy flickering fireflies in twinkles.

That’s why your eyes would hurt at night,

but you’d fight the body slam of…

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The Adventures of Josh in France

Josh thinks the painting is after him!!

The Adventures of Josh in France

Josh thinks the painting is after him!!


Don’t forget to give your Mother something nice this Mother’s Day! 


Don’t forget to give your Mother something nice this Mother’s Day! 


Long explanation short,
I realize that this day and age, many people grow up in an environment where the word is common and in no way referencing slavery or even black people. BUT

When I was in Highschool, I was at the movies. I went to the bathroom. I was peeing in the stall, and outside two…

everyone read and learn

Study Break

It’s currently finals week, duh, and this is how I feel:hF757D3BD

So I decided to take a study break hehe yeeeeee.

This is Josh. For his birthday, he got an iPhone from his family and ever since then he has been addicted to two things: selfless and instagram. ~ If you haven’t added him on IG yet, his is joshuanguyen0304!!!! ~

 He doesn’t like the way selfies make him look.



I think he looks fine though!

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I’m gonna scream


I’m gonna scream

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(30/30) How To Lose A Basketball Game

For the Houston Rockets, Game 4 

First step in losing a basketball game Have the balls to shake the winners hand. Know that you passed But passing doesn’t always mean scoring enough. Remember to untie your shoes, Because there is no point running when the race is over. The clock glares zero But it will be reset tomorrow. Remember your team, Their head on your head as you stare the floor in the locker room Imagine how empty your hands would be If your team wasn’t there to assist you You have a family to be grateful of. Block out the last game, Jump high and rebound. Don’t forget to box out the negative. Put this advice And God And family All in one basket.

(29/30) button

Haiku for my sister.

You always controlled
The remote, always knew the
Buttons to test me.

(4/28) Puppy

For Daphne

You said you’ve been waiting for a poem

I said you always want to ruin the surprise.

Like the puppy tail that thuds me in the morning,

Your big corgi eyes i can feel behind my eyelids.

There is so much of life you don’t want to waste asleep


Which is why you stop to enjoy  the roses!

At H-E-B,

On walks to brunches after mass,

You are the delicate leaves that fall from trees

When we always try to be the first to catch one.

How you always try,

and how I walk so slow 

I don’t always catch the hints

I don’t always catch the leaves

But I always try to catch them in between my fingers

I won’t be the boy your beautiful bald head doesn’t deserve

I’ll fill the awkward in whenever I forget.

I’ll wash your dishes if it means to always start the evening clean

I’ll be the boy who just wants to sleep all day,

Who just wants your fingers through my hair

My beagle eyes pulled by gravity

My puppy tail

Resting on your foot.

(4/27) Clean

For my dad

Today, in southern Vietnam,

There are children living, eating, and perishing in a massive landfill in Rach Gia.

As the sun peaks between plastic tubing,

Children wake up feeling like yesterday all over their bodies.

Some play pretend school with dirt on their fingers as pencils,

Raising their hands to ask questions that no one should ever ask

And they are met with silence,

Met with the clasping of new stenches upon their noses.

Most spend day-to-day partaking in the race of who gets the most cans

Even though it was not their choice to play,

Not their choice to grow up in a Jurassic area with a back-story of rebellion

With a history that prevented all of my father’s brothers

From reaching 50

Thousands of children, playing hunger games in the dumpster to survive

Hopscotching over broken bottles with

Broken feet.

Walking brown dirt searching through trash for

Wasted cans of gold

Trading them in for sense of worth

But can never redeem for hope.

The smells of their own urine clogs their

Senses with the agony of never seeing their families again

The most magnificent smell of Da Nang they can’t remember

Innocence lost…

Their skin digs deep under ribs

Their stomachs, an acid pool of homelessness and hunger

Blackened banana peels become desert for the deserted

Hundreds, herded and picked off the street

Like trash cans to dumpsters

Their hearts, stuffed with acres of other’s waste

Home really is where the heart is.

Succumbing to malnutrition

Of heart-ache.

Some are sold by their parents to become prostitutes

To learn nothing but pain and numbness

To think they are trash,

A product of their environment.

What value do they think of these kids?

Turning away their kin

For less than the amount you can redeem on the back of a Coke can

They will never know an education

They will never be able to see the sun over the Mekong River ever again

They will forget what clean means

They will grow up

And wake up every morning

With their arms still trying to stretch as high as they can

Hoping to pull a better ‘tomorrow’ out of thin air.


I’m an anvil
Falling through grounds
Falling through to the other side.
I’m done,

(4/25) door

Inspired by Loyce

My heart is a heavy door
And you pushed right through it
You dragged in the welcome sign on your way in
Also tracked some dirt,
Some gum on your shoe.
Don’t you dare put your shoes on my mat.
This is my home now
And it’s clean.